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the greenhouse 

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Casa Till, Chile by WMR Arquitectos | via

Architects Felipe Wedeles, Jorge Manieu and Macarena Rabat, founders of WMR, set out to create a stylish, yet simple home inspired by the previous works of their architectural firm. WMR’s German clients wished to design the building so as not to disturb the natural skyline, or even be visible from the road. The result is a long and low single story wooden construction. It’s hard angles and straight lines create a striking contrast to the voluptuous landscape, but the building remains dwarfed by the mountainous terrain. The extended roof shelters a huge, gravity defying sun terrace partially built on stilts and overhanging the cliff edge. By using locally sourced Pine wood as the main building material, highly skilled local labor for the dangerous construction, and solar panels to provide electricity, the ecological footprint of Casa Till is as small as it’s spare silhouette.

The overall character of the home is found in it’s clean, taut lines, and the feeling of spaciousness WMR created in the relatively low square footage. The open floor plan employs a system of sliding walls, allowing for flexible room sizes and privacy levels. A large bank of floor to ceiling windows allow the enormity of the environment to create a feeling of space, and enrich the living areas with ever changing hues of the sea’s panorama, as a contrast to the light earthy tones of the interior.

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Lina Bo Bardi - Casa de Vidrio (glass house), Sao Paulo 1951. Scan from here.

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Disney Art

Stacey Aoyama, Paul Abadilla and Matt Notle, TLK-Ileana, Susan Amerikaner, Charles Solomon, Jenny Chung, Mary Blair, Claire Keane, Johnathan Sung 

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Prelow Cork by Vans 

Set for a late July release.



Russet Residence by Splyce Design

A steep site with mature cedar and douglas fir, and an ocean view, it responds by nestling into the hill while also projecting out over it to maximise views.



cloverdale749, los angeles/LOHA

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10,500 square feet is located around the block from the historically significant Miracle Mile hub comprising the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the A+D Architecture and Design Museum, and other noteworthy cultural destinations…


seaside house, cádiz, spain/alberto campo baeza

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→ Casa Varatojo por Atelier DATA. ©Richard John Seymour

Lindíssimos interiores da Casa Varatojo, em Torres Vedras, desenhada pelo gabinete lisboeta - Atelier DATA. O projecto completo pode ser visto aqui

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